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I have been a storyteller for over 10 years and am versatile in the type of content I create. I have ghost- and guest-written content from easy-ready fashion blogs to 20-page technical papers about subjects as complex as the future of blockchain and as simple as how to pack for a yacht trip. I've even done print! Below you can browse some of the copywriting and inbound marketing work I have done. If you want to see more you can also visit my Medium account.  

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influencer marketing blogs

I worked with Toronto-based influencer marketing platform, Node App, consulting on content strategy for the American e-commerce and restaurant market, and advising on creative and strategic roadmaps. We increased website traffic by 22% as I monitored competitors, found SEO opportunities using SEMRush, and guest-wrote weekly blogs on influencer marketing.

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personal Travel Blog

I recently started a travel blog to consolidate the advice that I find myself disseminating in inefficient ways such as texting and emailing Google Docs. I focus on price transparency - I provide my tab for every place I recommend. After just 6 blogs I was already ranking #1 and #2 for two very important keywords.

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Mona Monet​

Using high-volume, low-competition keywords and exploiting content gaps found by analyzing competitor content, I wrote all of the blogs for our online clothing boutique, Mona Monet. We did publisher outreach and cross-vertical collaborations to drive leads and build backlinks.

*please note that, because we have closed down, these blogs now live on Medium

Strategic CFOs​

Strategic CFOs assembles a team of professionals to deliver large-scale accounting support and insights to small businesses. I increased this client's organic rankings & generated leads +8% and generated leads by creating SEO-optimized blogs, eBooks, and website copy, as well as managing their monthly content calendar. 

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Bring Your Own Garment has 25+ years of expert experience in screen printing, embroidery, and graphic design & branding.  I increased their rankings +3% by I creating bi-weekly content on apparel trends, use cases, and brand success stories.

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walking the tightrope

Cuban Housing Reform in an Era of Rapid Change

Cuba’s housing crisis is an important social issue that needs to be addressed. At the root of the problem is a simple contradiction – Cuban law states that private property cannot be gained at the expense of an inalienable right to live in adequate housing, but the only way for the Cuban state to provide that housing is by empowering the private sector to allow property ownership, sale, and purchase.


Although the revolutionary government considers these two ideas to be mutually exclusive, they can be reconciled through a particular legal restructuring that realigns incentives so that it is beneficial for private parties to invest in and maintain their houses, while maintaining an element of governmental oversight to correct for market failures.

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brand books

mona monet brand identity guide


The first step in creating our company was creating a brand. We curated a personality, driven from the origin of our products and how we wanted to communicate with our target market. We designed a logo, color palate, visual style guide and personality based on the message that we wanted to convey to our audience.


Click below to see the guide. 

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Blockchain and Every Other Industry​


We gained 260 leads in the first 3 months I created this eBook for Lawyers Advantage Law Firm to send out to prospective clients that are interested in blockchain technology. 

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website copy


Mona Monet​

I strategized and directed all the photoshoots for the website, edited the photos and created the videos, and designed and created the entire website, using Shopify. 

Instone Marble

I was the lead copywriter for the new Instone Marble website. I completely overhauled the messaging and optimized on-page SEO. 

Bamboo Leaves


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southeast asia backpacker magazine​

Back before Instagram was a thing, I worked for a printed (!) travel magazine. I traveled through Southeast Asia, interviewing travelers and composing stories about Southeast Asian culture and travelers’ experiences there. I created, edited and published photos for the magazine cover and various spreads of up to 10 pages. I started creating and editing videos of travelers’ experiences for the company website and became a brand ambassador, holding meetings with shareholders and representing the magazine at events The magazine still uses my content on a regular basis.

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