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13 Top reasons you need to take a trip to California (2024)


Because this is the view from your friend’s office

The Ferry Building is a historic place that has seen a ton of maritime travel around the Bay Area - especially before the Golden Gate Bridge and as built. It has upscale restaurants inside and really cute farmers' markets on Saturdays!

Because you’ll get to test out the world’s newest technology

Silicon Valley is ground zero for innovation. And when new and amazing technological breakthroughs come about, people in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area are often the first people to experience them. This is one of the first Waymo autonomous vehicle rides.

Because one of the toughest hikes in Lake Tahoe rewards you with this view

Located in Desolation Wilderness (I know) - this is an all-day, not-super-easy hike but the views from the top are worth it and with chipmunks and yellow-bellied marmots all over, the company is top-notch.

Because your drive from your Airbnb to dinner looks like this

Oceanside is the northernmost city in San Diego County and while prices are much lower than the rest of the city, the sunsets are just as rich.

Because Hollywood is in your neighborhood

The Beverly Hilton is a Hollywood-retro-famous hotel and events venue. Priced quite reasonably for Beverly Hills, the hotel has a mid-century style pool area and restaurant complete with a large movie projector over the pool - often playing old surfing videos and other classics. And if you squint you’re likely to see a celebrity or two.

Because when it’s pool weather there’s also snow in the backdrop

There’s nothing like being in the sun, on the beach, and by the pool, all whilst enjoying a beautiful backdrop of snow-capped mountains. This isn’t uncommon in Lake Tahoe toward the end of ski season. One of the best things to do is ski in the AM and hit the beach in the PM.

Because you can rollerblade in one of the most famous parks in the world

Golden Gate Park is full of life. You can spend your entire day rollerblading, walking, enjoying the Conservatory of Flowers, the Japanese Tea Garden, the beer garden, the California Academy of Sciences, or just people-watching. Golden Gate Park also hosts some of the most famous concerts and events, such as Outside Lands.

Because this is your desert

Indian Canyons is a desert oasis. If you’re in the Palm Springs area this shaded trek is a must. With rivers flowing through it and waterfalls at the end, it’s one of the most beautiful (and comfortable) hikes in California.

Because the San Francisco Giants just built a new neighborhood in San Francisco

Even San Franciscans still don’t know about it. On April 4, 2024, the San Francisco Giants, the Port of San Francisco, and Tishman Speyer brought down the fence and officially opened China Basin Park - San Francisco’s newest neighborhood’s beautiful 5-acre green space, for the public to use and for events. This video is of the 2 principal landscape designers from Scape Studio, enjoying opening day of both the park and the SF Giants - from the new beach that overlooks Oracle Park

Because this is what you mean when you say “take me out to the ball game” ⚾️

San Francisco Giants fans have a tradition - when the weather is nice and we have a lot of left-hand hitters up - we outfield the game from McCovey Cove. It’s a medley of yachts, kayaks, standup paddle boards, hotdog grilling, beer drinking, and good ol’ fashion baseball fandom.

Because we have baby sharks and they're adorable

There are so many reasons to get in the water in San Francisco, but one of my favorite (as you know) is for the Giants games. This is a floating home community in the channel next to the Giants stadium and this is a baby shark. Enjoy.

Because San Francisco has the most epic foodie bike ride ever

San Francisco is basically an endless hit list of food, drink, and things to do. But contrary to popular belief, we also have the weather. The most epic-yet-leisurely 10-mile, 10-stop bike ride in the world is in San Francisco. It's super scenic - and safest!

Because we have some of the oldest, most historical restaurants on the West coast

We've got Hollywood sets-turned-tiki bars, seafood haunts that corral 2-hour long lines (but you won't go during rush hour), and cable-car feeling joints where Italian dishes cioppino may or may not have been invented.


If you have any questions or want specific recommendations for anywhere in California leave them in the comments and I’ll respond!

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