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content production

I create high-performing user-generated photo and video content quickly and inexpensively for brands, but I also work with creative and creator agencies, individual creators, in-house art teams, photographers, videographers, and editors to produce premium content when desired. 


I work between the US and Medellín, Colombia, where I have a local team that produces high-quality full-production photoshoots at a much lower price point than can be produced in the United States. 

My production value is increased through the art of repurposing. I'm a master at finding many uses for a single asset, and publishing across all mediums, platforms, and channels. Nothing is created for a singular purpose, and everything can be redesigned for something else.


I am also a storyteller and write a wide range of content - from entertainment pieces to technical eBooks to website copy. 

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adidas tiktok launch

In December 2021, I led the adidas performance marketing launch on TikTok. While I was able to create much of the content myself, I also utilized some of our in-house footage and teamed up with the affiliates team to hire professional content creators and athletes that I knew through my network. I produced low-cost high-ROI content that resulted in a successful holiday campaign and TikTok launch.


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DripDrop ORS dehydration relief fast website

Dripdrop ors social media overhaul


DripDrop is a rehydration drink invented by a doctor on a mission to defeat life-threatening dehydration. During my time at this startup I advanced DTC marketing objectives by concepting, templatizing, crafting, and managing content production and design on a per-audience basis.

I wrote the DripDrop TikTok content strategy playbook, managed relationships with photographers and creative agencies, and collaborated on building style guides, audience personas, messaging, and copy for all social media channels.


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Woman wearing white dress and large black sunglasses standing in front of jubngle leaves holding wooden fashion bag



I have done a number of fashion photoshoots in both the United States and Colombia.

My teams are talented and amazing and I have also built relationships with the bars, restaurants, and other venues in Medellín, Colombia, which has allowed me to utilize these sites for our shoots without having to pay studio fees. I always produce both photo and video assets from each shoot.

Click below to see an example shoot day in Medellín, for my women's clothing brand, Mona Monet. 

Woman wearing polka dot matching set holding a pineapple doing a peace sign with her fingers smiling
two women, one wearing a green dress, one wearing a white dress, at a fashion photoshoot, with mona monet internationally inspired fashion for the haute bohemian
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