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Content Strategy

I have been doing user-centered content strategy for 8 years, at startups as small as 2 people and at companies as large as adidas. I've done content audits for SaaS companies, written TikTok playbooks for fashion brands, and revamped entire social media strategy and production processes for food & beverage companies. My current endeavor is getting the world out that San Francisco has a new waterfront neighborhood - Mission Rock. I'm working with the San Francisco Giants, Tishman Speyer, the Port of San Francisco, and our retailers to position the neighborhood as a brand, craft messaging that speaks to residents of The City, and convey our vision of the future of the Bay Area through short-form video. 


The experience I gained during my 2-year quantitative-focused Master's degree allows me to utilize data as the basis on which I build all marketing strategies. Data is an integral part of these processes, and telling the story behind the numbers bridges the gap between the science and the art of content strategy.

The Mission rock project

San Francisco's newest neighborhood

Content Strategist & Creator

In partnership with Tishman Speyer, the Port of San Francisco, and the San Francisco Giants, I am crafting the narrative about what it means to be a part of Bay Area culture and facilitating a 2-way conversation about how Mission Rock can fulfill its promise to be a place of creativity and community. 

Day-to-day, I am creating content to broadcast our messaging, but in the bigger picture I am also making connections with residents and visitors of San Francisco, learning what they see as important pacemaker qualities, and bringing a diverse set of voices into the project, with a strong ethos of equity. 

My content has been used across organic & social, the Mission Rock and The Canyon websites, and even Mayor London Breed's social media handles. 

Click below to see the Mission Rock project's Instagram.

adidas x thebe magugu collaboration black woman standing near adidas wall fashion photoshoot
black woman running in from of a guy in a race or marathonadidas sports bra and shorts


I was on the small but effective team of 5 for adidas performance marketing, paid social & display.

performance marketing tests

We strategized and managed performance marketing campaigns, taking into account the various stakeholders, product buy-ins, timelines, and user experience; making all decisions creatively but based on the data. We tested constantly - always on the lookout for new ways to improve our campaign performance and increase ROI. We heavy up on the testing in Q1-Q3, and then implement the learnings in Q4, when we have the most opportunity to capitalize on optimized ROI.


Click below to read about our strategy on the adidas performance marketing tests that I've run.



TikTok Launch

At the end of my contract, I launched adidas performance marketing on TikTok. I researched what kind of content could bridge our produced branded look with the casual nature of the platform. After testing 2 creator agencies we launched using creative that I produced myself, which performed better than the agencies' content that we had initially received.


Click below to see creative examples of the ads that I conceptualized, sourced, filmed, and edited.

Data Analysis & Research

quantitative methods, data modeling & visualization

Before I created my own fashion brand and cut my teeth on content marketing, I completed a 2-year quant-intensive Master's program for Global Policy and Strategy at the University of California, San Diego. I studied Cuban-American policy and completed a statistical modeling series during which I produced policy recommendations for a Brookings Institute resident's book on Cuba's United States foreign investment opportunities in the real estate sector, among other comprehensive projects.


This training prepared me for the analytical side of marketing, which is necessary to understand in order to drive results. It taught me how to read marketing data, decipher which KPIs are important for business objects versus vanity, and how to make sense of the numbers.


Click below to see more data modeling and visualization work that I have done. 

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