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content design

I'm a dynamic and versatile designer by nature and have experience seeing content from conception to publishing. I have designed web & mobile, educational content for a B2B accelerator program, social media, and more.  

Over the past 8 months, however, I have taken an elevated interest in design - learning how to engineer user-centered utilitarian content rather than creating simply for aesthetics and storytelling. I've learned how to remove my ego from the process - keeping the user at the heart of the design, and the brand guidelines at the center. I received the Google UX Design certification in October 2022.  


I'm designing an app for a Carbon Emissions marketplace company and another one for a Kentucky-based bourbon brand.  Finished products coming soon!

Bamboo Leaves

Written content

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alchemist accelerator program

Alchemist Accelerator is a venture-backed B2B accelerator focused on accelerating the development of early-stage ventures that monetize from enterprises.


When the pandemic hit we had to retrofit the program to go from a fully in-person program to virtual. I lead a team of 7 to redesign the learning modules, the weekly events, and the larger cohort-based events such as Demo Day. I learned how to design the keystone content for large-scale programs and events so that every piece of information is included in the initial communication and time and resources spent are minimized.


Our network redesign entailed corraling 30,000 investors, mentors, coaches, and CEOs.

Two years later I'm still consulting with Alchemist, and my current project is redesigning the founder learning content, focusing on the user experience.  


Click below to check out Alchemist Accelerator.

Bamboo Leaves

web and app design

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Web design​

I designed a website for my eCommerce clothing company, and my wedding, taking place in March 2023, using Shopify and Wix, respectively. Although these are somewhat simple projects that did not require any coding, it was important for the user experience in both cases that the websites were designed strategically and executed in an aesthetic, organized manner.

Click below to see these projects. 





app design​

I designed a carbon offset marketplace app for a company aptly named Offset. This projet is coming soon!

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