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About courtney

Well hello there, nice to meet you!


I'm Courtney - a San Francisco-based one-stop shop content strategist, producer, designer, and creator skilled in all things content, marketing, creator management, production, social media, eComm, storytelling, and video - and am keen on the travel & hospitality space.


I launched adidas performance marketing on TikTok, created the TikTok strategy for beverage startup, DripDrop, and founded E-commerce fashion company, Mona Monet. I'm currently launching San Francisco's newest neighborhood, Mission Rock, in partnership with the SF Giants, Tishman Speyer, and the Port of San Francisco. 

I love working with a diverse set of clients and products, and exploring new ways to engage our customer base. 

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content strategy


Content is eating the world. The demand for and potential return on investment from content production can't be ignored - but content without a plan is just a hobby.


As a strategist with a quant-heavy background, I use data to find out: who are our audiences, where do they hang out, and what problems do they need solved. You have to understand and empathize with your users before you can be their solution. Only then does producing content make sense from a business perspective. 

I've audited existing brands and launched new ones using these principles - constantly testing and iterating. I specialize in social media but have experience in SEO, email, web, blogging, video, events, and education.


content creation


There's a time and a place for large productions but sometimes it makes more sense to just jump in and do it yourself. After seeing so many companies waste time and resources sourcing, procuring, producing, editing, and unnecessarily perfecting content I decided to get better at creating it myself. Now I create content for brands and for companies (and for fun!). I do photography, videography, and writing. 

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content production

With content in such high demand for content output, quantity has become a necessity, and the companies that figure out how to ramp up production without sacrificing quality win. 


I became a content producer by starting my own online fashion company and learned quickly that expensive doesn't always mean better performing. I have worked with companies to streamline their content production pipelines - ditching high-cost low-ROI content for inexpensive but high-performing tactics such as user-generated content and brand collaborations. We look at the important metrics and focus on optimizing our production value. ​

I produced the content that launched adidas performance marketing on TikTok, and I continue to produce content for small brands on a weekly basis. I'm a storyteller, photographer, and video creator, and I know how to find that low-cost high-performance sweet spot and how to produce it. 


content design


I have designed content across industries, from venture capital, to food & beverage, to education, to fashion, to law, to cryptocurrency. Working in the startup environment will make you an ad-hoc graphic designer, as well. But about a year ago I decided to be more intentional about content design. I got certified in User Experience Design, and am currently undertaking 2 end-to-end projects - one in the carbon offsets space and one in the Kentucky bourbon industry - doing web, mobile, brand, and written content design for both companies. 

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