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travel & hospitality
content creation

Nice to meet you, I'm Courtney!


I've been a citizen of the world since I was 17. I lived out of a backpack for the majority of the time in my 20s and have been to over 70 countries.


I started creating travel & hospitality content in 2010 as the main producer for Southeast Asia Backpacker Magazine. Now I manage social for San Francisco's newest neighborhood, Mission Rock (in partnership with the SF Giants), and for local bars and restaurants. I do on-site production for hospitality brands such as Kimpton Hotels and the California State Tourism Board, and was hand-selected out of thousands of applicants as a San Francisco hospitality pro planner at The Nudge.


I have experience creating content for world-famous brands like adidas, and have been helping smaller brands strategize against their content production, storytelling, and dissemination. You can read more about my experience with content strategy here

I love to tell a story that makes the viewer or reader feel nostalgic, as if they've experienced this before. I would love to talk to you about your brand and what story we can tell. 

Let's create amazing things together!

Bamboo Leaves

travel & Hospitality work

Bamboo Leaves

still Images

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travel content



  • Lifestyle video

  • Branding video

  • Commerical-style video

  • TikTok-style videos with transitions

  • Organic or paid content

  • Whitelisting

  • Voiceovers

  • Still life images: product photography and editing

  • Travel content: written, still, and video

  • Concepting, scriptwriting (co-writing or solo) & storyboarding

  • Consulting- social media & content pipeline

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