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let's run away

what should i do now?

#1: Please take this preliminary survey as soon as possible to give us an idea of your current status and thoughts on the trip, whether or not you know if you will be able to make it. We don’t expect people to RSVP now, but we want to get an estimate of when people will have an idea, one way or another.

#2: Let us know if you have any questions or want any more information on the trip.


#3: Make the decision and RSVP yes or no.


If your RSVP is a yes:


A) Book your international flights. Here is a spreadsheet of flights that have been booked, in case you want a travel buddy. After you book your international flights, fill out the official RSVP with your flight info. 

B) As soon as we get your responses, we will let you know next steps for the Tayrona and Cartagena accommodations.

C) If you're going onto the Honeymoon phase,


1) book a flight from Cartagena to Medellin for Tuesday, March 7th. We booked the Viva Air flight #VH5653 at 11:58 AM. It was $75/ person after luggage and taxes and everything (price will increase quickly as more people buy this ticket).  You can book directly on the Viva website once you confirm that Viva is still the cheapest option. 

2) Book your accommodation in Medellín. So far we're all planning to stay at the Selina, which we do recommend based on location, value, and ease of coordinating as a group, but if you have something else in mind Courtney can help you figure out your best option. The Suite+ is their best room and its $120/ night but you can technically get beds there for as low as $18/ night. 

A more detailed itinerary will be posted closer to the trip. 

Text, call, or use the chat feature on this website if you have any questions!

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