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Let's run away

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And other than eating and drinking, here are the activities that people usually do when they visit Medellín:​​


  • Do a private Pablo Tour 

  • Play Tejo - like horseshoes but with explosives 

​Here is a blog that I wrote with all of these activities and more

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about medellin

Medellín has an obvious reputation for harboring the darker side of humanity, but the current state of the city couldn’t be farther from where it was in the 90s. 


Medellín is a modern metropolis and the cultural and economic capital of Colombia. It has seen a huge influx of tourism and foreign investment over the last decade and is developing faster than anywhere I’ve seen. 


The culture is super open, friendly, and welcoming. We always feel safe there, and the value of the USD goes farther there than anywhere we’ve been in the last 10 years.

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